An established organic farm in South Okanagan, BC. Reconnecting people with their food, with nature and with each other.
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Welcome to Similkameen River Organic Farm


George Manz and his wife, Haiqin Qi Manz ("Qi"), purchased their farm in May, 2000 as new Immigrants to Canada. At the time, it was an Organic Hay farm, although not certified.  As a youngster George spent a lot of time at his Grandfather’s fruit, vegetable and Chicken farm, while Haiqin comes from a long history of farmers, with her Father and Mother having Organic farmed for over 60 years.  Similkameen River Organics farm truly has evolved into a complete family business. Qi’s brother and family are now living and working at the farm as new immigrants. There are now ten family members including George and Qi's 5 year old son, comprising three generations.


For our first planting, we purchased a quantity of onion seed, both red and yellow, cleared an area and broadcast seeded. This was our first vegetable crop in the 2004 season. Similkameen River Organics was first certified organic by L.E.O.G.A. in 2004 and, then by PACS in 2006. Our crops are 100% Organic and Natural. Thanks to the cleanest air, cleanest water and Mother Nature's help, we grow the finest organic vegetables in British Columbia, which include, Onions and Shallots, Carrots, Parsnips, Leeks, Beets, Turnips, 14 varieties of Squash and Pumpkin, and much more. See all our vegetables here Similkameen River Organic Farm is certified organic By PACS # 16-249 with great support from C.O.A.B.C.


We supply such great organizations such as, Wholefoods – Capers, Thrifty Foods and many others in Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Calgary, Community Natural Foods and Blush lane, and of course LocalMotive. We also supply some local stores. Some distributors send our veggies to all parts of Canada.With each year our crop yield and variety has grown along with the business. Many say our Onions and Shallots are the best in Western Canada.


The farm is made up of 50 acres of prime river bottom land on the Similkameen River, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  The river wraps around 2/3 of the farm, and here is an abundance of wildlife and unbelievable views of Sleeping Woman Mountain and Mount Chopaka. We have a large farmhouse over looking the river, a large farm workers house and another farm workers bunkhouse, a summer kitchen, 2 RV pads, a large barn and a state of the art 3,200 square foot refrigeration building for storing our produce, with a workshop, all on the river. We invite all who wish to eat well and visit the cleanest, freshest, most beautiful place on the Planet. In the meantime, you can see our farm by viewing at our gallery here.

Some of the Vegetables We Grow...

  • Merlin Beet
  • Laguna Carrots
  • Black Forest Squash
  • Sierra Blanca Onion
  • Buttercup Squash
  • Mokum Carrots
  • Carnival Squash
  • Red Kuri Squash
  • Candy Onion
  • Bonbon Squash
  • Cylindra Beet
  • Lexton Leek
  • Chioggira Guardsmark Beet
  • Megaton Leek
  • Javelin Parsnip
  • Sunshine Squash
  • Gold Coin Onion
  • Red Marble Onion
  • Jet Acorn Squash
  • Touchstone Gold Beet